About Huguenot

Huguenot is an energetic multi-skilled creative agency, with an in-depth holistic communication offering. We pride ourselves on our strategic thinking, and creativity – ensuring that we find the best solution for our clients. Our output has the highest attention to detail and craft.

Over our 20-year history, we have created compelling appropriate solutions for a wide variety of clients, both national and international and across all sectors. The requirements of these clients have been varied and we have worked across numerous media, with a wide selection of production processes and in a variety of languages. We are recognised for providing a superior service level that allows us to enjoy long and continued client relationships including: Kerry Group – 18 years, Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland – 9 years & SuperValu – 12 years.

At Huguenot, we don’t let our clients stand still. Transforming businesses and brands, large and small is at the heart of what we do. Building brands that are alive and connecting people to the real world, accelerates business success.