Alfresco Heaters

Outside cafés, bars and restaurants throughout Europe, people are chatting, laughing and sharing stories in the comfort supplied by Alfresco Heaters, a premium indoor and outdoor heating company. We partnered them to create an identity and brand platform that worked in synergy with the products, environment and end-users, while capturing their pioneering spirit. A bespoke font and iconography became the basis of their communications and their heaters were branded with a stylish mark of distinction, featuring a laser cut ‘A’ on the wall mounted steel brackets.

Online strategy

Huguenot were tasked with devising an online international market entry strategy for a niche B2B focused product aimed at sales across their multinational channels. We devised a strategy that could be rolled out in Ireland, the UK, Sweden, Holland and France in support of locally appointed sales agents and distributors whilst maintaining central control of the brand assets by Alfresco Heaters themselves.

The solution

We delivered a website platform with e-commerce functionality and lead generation tools that can be adapted and translated for multiple international markets. The site focuses on the end user experience of the heaters and the financial benefits for business owners achieved through Alfresco's innovative technology.

We delivered
  • A dedicated localised website for each market.
  • Aggressive Search Engine Marketing to support each localised site pushing for full visibility and healthy traffic.
  • A group .com website to serve all other countries.
The result

As Alfresco Heaters continue to expand, we have been able to respond to this with site duplications in a multitude of languages. Since site go-live we’ve seen increased visibility through carefully considered SEO management as well as increased lead generation for the client in each market location.

  • Superior digital brand assets and strong visual impact help to differentiate Alfresco from their competition and avoid common perception issues experienced by start-ups.
  • Strong and ever improving search engine visibility on key search streams.
  • Healthy traffic and lead generation levels in multiple countries right from the start and growing monthly.
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