Out of many, one. One brand, multiple markets across the Caribbean, Central America and South Pacific. One proposition, several cultural translations. A set of motivating beliefs spoken with one voice.

After 10 years since the birth of Digicel in Jamaica, developing from challenger brand to market leader, it was time to take a fresh look at the brand. Digicel needed to re-energise employees internally and amplify their unique, special quality, celebrating why their communities adopted and loved them so whole heartedly. Our research uncovered an organisation and environment full of ordinary people doing extraordinary things. We seized the opportunity to build on the amazing grass roots connection with consumers, empowering them to participate with the brand.

We developed a new brand strategy, brand idea, external tagline and rejuvenated image to give Digicel stand out as a global brand with local heart in a saturated, competitive market. ‘Be Extraordinary’ became a strong platform for a brand that brings possibility to their consumers, speaks their language and innovates.

An exciting project for a dynamic brand that took our team around the world and resonated with us. Digicel are basking in the glow of renewed success and receptiveness to their brand for the onset of the next decade.