As connected devices become more sophisticated and smartphones are touted as the PC of the future, Meteor wanted to deliver an engaging experience for customers viewing their site through a phone. Optimising site performance and minimising load times was crucial. All pages had to load quickly on a 3G network. Our approach was considered, mindful that many younger customers do not carry the latest cutting edge smartphone and supporting a wide range of devices was central to success.

Presenting Meteor's range of information-rich price plans and tariffs on small screens proved a key design challenge. Having previously designed both the main site and online store, we adapted the information to work in a smaller, portable window, evolving the user experience for Meteor’s 1+ million customers.

The concept

Working closely with Meteor’s online team, we identified a number of key customer journeys that would benefit most from a mobile optimised experience. We decided on a multi-phase approach that would focus initially on these key journeys rather than the full site.

We explored a number of possible solutions including a separate mobile site and responsive design, before deciding on a hybrid approach. The key information pages would be responsive supported by a number of stand alone mobile-only pages. Responsive design uses the same content for all devices and adapts the layout to suit the users screen size.

The design

Our design approach revolved around three steps; prototype, test and refine. Using sketches and low-fidelity prototypes allowed us to rapidly explore and develop ideas before moving into finished designs.

We created a visual design style that was clear, approachable and could be adapted to a wide range of pages throughout the site. We wanted to keep all content on the site available to customers on a smartphone even if that content was not mobile-optimisied. For non mobile optimised sections, we offered customers the choice to view the standard desktop page, email themselves a link for later or to find a Meteor retail store.

The technology
  • The site is built using the latest HTML5 and CSS3.
  • Custom built Javascript and jQuery libraries.
  • The online store based on a custom built Ruby on Rails CMS and catalogue.
  • Increased conversions
The result
  • The site launched in February 2013.
  • Increased end user experience for Meteor smartphone and desktop customers, including faster page loads.

Both Huguenot and Meteor are closely monitoring the analytics and user behaviour as this first phase of a mobile / responsive solution is rolled out for the main site and online store.

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