Osean 74

Marigot Ltd in business in Cork since 1992 are a pioneer in the development of functional marine ingredients. Deriving a calcium rich additive from red seaweed in the Icelandic seabed the company has grown a successful business selling their product as an additive on a B2B basis to food and drink manufacturers internationally. The product is proven to deliver bone, joint and digestive health benefits.

Our challenge

Marigot appointed Huguenot in 2012 to assist with the creation of a business plan, market entry strategy, brand persona and digital implementation for a new consumer facing product range and revenue stream. As a B2B focused company this was an entirely new challenge for Marigot and every element of creating a consumer facing brand from the "foundations" up had to be considered.

Naming, brand persona & guidelines

A detailed brand definition and naming process exploring the key ingredients, benefits and selling points of the proposed new consumer facing supplement product. The finalised name and strap line of "Osean 74, from the sea naturally" was strongly tied to the 74 trace minerals and 100% natural attributes of the marine based product.

Product range & packaging

Next we defined three separate product variations to allow for customisation of the formula to individual audience segments with different needs / interests. Osean 50+ for mature adults who want to ensure a long and vital later life. Osean Active for younger adults who are health conscious and determined to maximise the length and vitality of their lives, Osean Kids for parents who’d like to ensure that their children have strong and health bones in the future. Consistent but individualised packaging prototypes were created and finalised for each of the products to allow for appeal to each audience segment and cover the all-important dosage and ingredient info on pack.

Online market entry strategy & marketing strategy

It was decidedly strategically that the product should be launched online and not sold in stores or by other resellers at least initially. This would allow us to gauge the levels of demand and capture consumer behaviour insights for future wider product roll outs. The UK market was selected as the perfect first entry point due to the 60million+ adults and over 1 million Google searches a month in the vitamin / supplement / calcium sector. The website would be launched as a fully e-commerce enabled solution with all pricing in sterling and with aggressive search engine marketing in support.

Website creation and go live

Taking guidance from the brand guidelines, packaging designs and market entry strategy our digital team planned, designed and implemented a best practice website with high impact visuals, logical navigation and easy to use shopping functionality. The website is built on the easy to manage and SEO friendly Wordpress CMS. The site was positioned and launched for a UK audience initially but with the longer term international expansion needs in mind.

The results
  • An all new consumer facing brand, product range and packaging.
  • A best practice ecommerce website template that can be replicated for any number of new market entries.
  • Strong visibility on relevant UK Google searches and significant traffic volumes monthly.
  • A new revenue stream opened with orders coming in from first time and repeat customers