At Huguenot our agency is full of talented teams and individuals, dedicated to delivering a broad and high range of client services. Creativity is central in our thinking and approach, this shines through in the services overviewed below.


Knowing the important questions to ask and getting the key decisions right at the start of new projects is vital to the ultimate success of the work we carry out for clients. We use a well-honed strategic process that seeks to establish sound foundations for any brand or design project we undertake. Led by the senior team at Huguenot our client alignment, consultancy and strategy offering is a vital ingredient in our delivery mix. We’ve learned that really great brand, design and commercially tangible outputs flow from taking the time to get the strategic foundations in place first.


Branding & Identity

Your brand is your reputation. We build communications and design systems that bring brands to life. We design and produce experiences that are emotive and focused on real people’s behaviours and needs. We create identity systems that express an organisations vision, their values and aspirations, setting them apart from competitors, while making them powerful and accessible. We are focussed on building identities that grow with their organisations, that contain the right balance of unity and diversity, enabling distinct on brand communications that are simultaneously distinct and compelling.



Our process working with FMCG brands begins with understanding. Consumers buy into brand stories that speak to their lives, their needs and aspirations. We believe in thoughtful, creative responses that serve both our client’s business needs and those of their customers. Understanding the core requirements and challenging the brief helps us to arrive at a defined, focussed idea. We strive to add value to all projects, big and small.

The current climate, while no walk in the park, has given us some of the most inspiring creative challenges of our careers. We are redefining value, helping consumers get more for less. We’re strengthening connections with brands that stand for something. Our packaging solutions tell a brand’s story and more importantly, deliver commercial results.



Huguenot’s digital team is a creative and design led unit bursting with great people, skills and ideas. We work with organisations of all sizes across a diverse range of industry sectors. From a digital perspective we deliver brand outputs that are fully conceived for the new online medium, web platforms that deliver tangible commercial results and marketing strategies that support overall business objectives. We employ a team whose differing skill sets, experience and personalities bring a shared knowledge offering to our clients.

We love what we do, we love the evolving nature of the digital medium and we are committed to delivering best practice online strategies and design outputs.

Between us, our team has managed the delivery of hundreds of digital creative projects and online marketing campaigns. Our team members lecture with the Digital Marketing Institute and Irish Internet Association. We also sit on Enterprise Ireland’s panel of recommended consultants for assisting high potential funded companies.


Print communications

As a creative agency, we adapt our approach to design and art direction to a variety of media. Every piece of print is a message with its own voice and personality, from corporate annual reports to fashion lookbooks. Print as a medium of communication has incredible power, nuanced and varied, capable of carrying your brand’s message physically into your audience’s hands. When we consider printed communications, we look at every aspect and what it means, from sizing to binding, from colour to finish, durability to tactility – all of these things are considered and weighed to provide the optimum platform appropriate to your communication.

We consider how best to engage the end user – entice, excite and indulge. We live for the finer detail.


Retail design

Creating an immersive shopping experience that is relevant for today’s consumer remains an increasing challenge. To counter the ongoing onslaught of e-commerce successful retail brands don’t simply talk to people – they inspire participation and invite people into an experience.

We create retail design that connects brands with customers, creates a unique interaction with their products where the customer can experience the brand in a compelling and unique way.